Rudy Giuliani: If Chris Christie Not Lying, 'Something Very Unfair Is Being Done to Him'

Rudy Giuliani: If Chris Christie Not Lying, 'Something Very Unfair Is Being Done to Him'

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has been one of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s most vocal supporters since the bridge scandal broke last month. On Sunday morning’s Face the Nation, Giuliani continued to defend Christie against new allegations from his former aide which Giuliani claims do not pass muster “in context.”

Speaking to host Major Garrett, Giuliani insisted that a letter by the attorney representing former Port Authority official David Wildstein published in the New York Times this weekend had to be taken “in context.” Wildstein, who received the infamous “time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee” email and was personally on hand to close down the Fort Lee lanes of the George Washington Bridge for a suspicious “traffic study,” is said to know that “evidence exists” proving Christie knew about the closures before they happened. Giuliani reiterated that Wildstein has repeatedly requested prosecutorial immunity and is in the process of trying to acquire it, which would make him much more likely to exaggerate the significance of any evidence he might have.

Emphasizing that “this is a long investigation,” Giuliani boiled the matter down to two scenarios: either Christie knew about the political retribution scheme or he did not. “If he’s lying, it’s a really bad situation, but if he’s not lying, something very unfair is being done to him,” Giuliani stated.

Giuliani is not alone in distrusting Wildstein. Even Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich, the primary victim of Bridgegate, claimed that the letter “specifically says that, you know, there was no prior knowledge” on Christie’s part and there are “obviously credibility issues” with Wildstein. When the story broke, Sokolich suggested that Wildstein, who had referred to the Croatian-American mayor as “little Serbian,” “deserves an ass-kicking.”

Giuliani also noted that he found some of the work by the Democrats on the New Jersey legislative committee to investigate the bridge lane closings suspicious, particularly that a lead investigator “very oddly announce[d] at the beginning that he doesn’t believe the governor,” making him guilty until proven innocent. Given that “he has announced that he knows the answer before any of us do,” Giuliani insists people should be careful of taking any Democrats’ word on the story.

Giuliani also supported Christie’s work as the head of the Republican Governor’s Association. “If I were a governor, I’d vote to keep him there,” he suggested, not just because of the work he does, but because it would send a message to Democrats that any investigation could not knock down a prominent Republican. “If we have our guy step down every time there is an investigation,” Giuliani argued, “they are going to harass us during this whole campaign.”

On a final, less political note, Giuliani predicted that the winner of the Super Bowl this year would be… “Chris Christie.” 

Giuliani finally gave in and predicted the Broncos would win the football game.

Watch Giuliani’s comments via CBS below:


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