Dem Rep. Rob Andrews Resigns Amid Ethics Investigation

Dem Rep. Rob Andrews Resigns Amid Ethics Investigation

New Jersey Democrat Rep. Rob Andrews, who is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee, announced his resignation from Congress on Tuesday. Andrews’ misuse of campaign funds was chronicled in Breitbart News’ Peter Schweizer’s book Extortion. Andrews is taking a public affairs job at a Philadelphia law firm.

Schweizer’s book revealed that Andrews had used campaign funds to pay for a family trip to Scotland to attend a wedding. Use of the PAC funds for the personal vacation were approved by Andrews’ wife, who was the PAC’s compliance officer. His campaign committee has spent more than $200,000 defending the Congressman in the investigation. 

In October, 60 Minutes used Schweizer’s research for a segment on how congressmen use their campaign committees and leadership PACs to fund a lavish lifestyle. Rep. Andrews was featured prominently. As Breitbart News’ Wynton Hall reported:

When Kroft confronted the Democratic New Jersey congressman, Andrews said, “I think we should take a look at having clearer rules at what they can and cannot be spent for. I’d be for that.” Andrews claimed he could not speak more on the matter because of a pending House Ethics investigation, even though Kroft said the committee told him they were fine with Andrews speaking about the matter.

Andrews is the 12th Democrat to announce they are retiring or resigning. He has been in Congress for 24 years. His south New Jersey district is heavily Democrat. President Obama carried it with around 66% of the vote. 


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