Dem Rep. Tim Bishop Still Promises 'If You Like Your Plan, Keep Your Plan'

Dem Rep. Tim Bishop Still Promises 'If You Like Your Plan, Keep Your Plan'

President Obama’s oft-repeated claim that “if you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” was named the “lie of the year” by Politifact. In fact, more Americans have lost health coverage than obtained it through ObamaCare. Unfortunately for residents of Long Island, their congressman, Tim Bishop is still peddling this lie to his constituents. 

Almost two months since Politifact dubbed the claim the “lie of the year,” the New York Democrat’s official website is still repeating Obama’s discredited promise. Accessed on February 4th, Rep. Bishop’s website states:

A central feature of reform will be preserving the freedom to choose what works best for you and your family–if you like your doctor, keep your doctor. If you like your current plan, keep your current plan.

Did Rep. Bishop not see the news from Politifact, or is he intentionally continuing to mislead his constituents? Hard to tell, because before he echoes Obama’s promise, he tells his constituents:

We have all heard these problems catalogued before, and this is usually where officials have offered vague promises of reform and the promise of action another day. Not this time.

Yes, we have all heard vague promises from our elected officials. Including, it seems, Rep. Bishop. He is either the most uniformed congressman or the most disingenuous. Fortunately, voters in his Republican leaning district (R+2) will be able to render their judgement in November. 


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