Poll: 50% of Coloradans Want Armed Teachers in Schools

Poll: 50% of Coloradans Want Armed Teachers in Schools

As Republicans in the Colorado legislature prepare to argue in favor of allowing teachers to carry firearms on campus, a Quinnipiac University poll shows that “fifty percent of Coloradans support allowing teachers and school officials [with a concealed carry permit] to carry guns on campus.”

State Rep. Steve Humphrey (R-Severance) is sponsoring the legislation which will allow teachers to be armed on campus. He told The Denver Post, “It’s clear Coloradans want to keep Colorado schoolchildren safe. I’m saying let’s give school districts that option.”

Across the state, 73 percent of Republicans support allowing teachers with concealed carry permits to carry on campus, but “only 19 percent of Democrats support it.” 

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee in the state, Rep. Daniel Kagan (D-Cherry Hills Village), said, “There’s no doubt we all want to keep our kids safe,” but he would not take a position on allowing teachers to play a role in that safety by carrying firearms. 

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