Poll: 64% Say Obamacare Would Have Never Passed Had Truth Been Known

Poll: 64% Say Obamacare Would Have Never Passed Had Truth Been Known

A Fox News poll finds that 64% of Americans say Obamacare would have never passed if citizens knew back in 2009 what they know now about the law. 

Interestingly, the somber sentiment garnered majorities from Republicans (74%), independents (68%), and Democrats (54%), who say the unpopular health care program would not have passed.

The poll also found that just 9% of Americans believe their family is better off under Obamacare.

Americans also view Obamacare more as a means of “controlling our lives” rather than “helping individual Americans get the health care they want.” Indeed, 56% said Obamacare was about government seizing control of citizens’ lives, versus just 40% who felt the government health care overhaul was about improving health care. 

The findings may portend daunting electoral hurdles for Democrats come November, as 60% of independent voters and even one-third (33%) of Democrats agreed that Obamacare is more a governmental power grab than an effort to make health insurance more affordable.

The poll also asked respondents whether they wish Obamacare had never been passed at all. A full 55% of voters said they wish Obamacare had never been passed, including majorities of younger voters under 30 (55%) and middle class voters with annual household incomes under $50,000 (52%). Moreover, one out of four Democrats (28%) said they wish President Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement–Obamacare–had never been passed.

Voters lay the blame for Obamacare at Obama’s feet, with 76% of American voters, including 61% of Democrats, blaming the Obama administration for the Obamacare debacle.


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