Girl Scout Sells Out of Cookies Outside San Francisco Pot Shop

Girl Scout Sells Out of Cookies Outside San Francisco Pot Shop

A 13-year old Girl Scout who set up her cookie stand Monday in front of a marijuana clinic in San Francisco sold 117 boxes of cookies in just two hours.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Danielle Lei set up her Girl Scout cookie stand next to The Green Cross, a marijuana clinic, where “Girl Scout Cookies” flavored marijuana is actually sold inside.

“It’s no secret that cannabis is an appetite stimulant – so it’s not shocking that a lot of our patients came and purchased cannabis, and then saw the cookies and purchased them,” said Holli Bert, a spokesperson for The Green Cross.

KPIX 5 reports that Bert said after 45 minutes Lei had to call for “reinforcement cookies, back-ups.”

Lei’s mother told reporters that while she did not want to be on television, she wanted to make clear that her daughter set up at this location not to make a political statement. She said she used it as an opportunity to take her daughter around to different parts of the city and that it allowed her to expose her daughter to the topic of drugs.

The report indicates that many people have praised Lei for her business savvy and understanding of the economic concept of supply and demand.