Silicon Valley Companies Paying to Help Employees Get Pregnant

Silicon Valley Companies Paying to Help Employees Get Pregnant

At least two businesses in Silicon Valley will pay to help their employees get pregnant. Companies Eventbrite and Evernote announced they will pay for their employees to get free access to a “big data-powered fertility coaching app.”

Glow, the company that makes the smartphone app, “is betting that the majority of participating employees will become pregnant within 10 months,” and “participating employers pay $50 per enrolled staffer per month.”

As Fox Business notes, while using the smartphone app, employees “enter in information about their menstruation cycles, exercise habits, basal body temperature and more.” Glow then gives them “immediate feedback regarding any fertility issues they could potentially have, like polycystic ovarian syndrome” and even “uses big data to estimate fertility levels each day.”

Staffers that do not conceive 10 months after signing up will split a pool of money with others who started to use the app in the same month “to be used to defray the costs of expensive fertility treatments like IVF, which can cost up to $25,000 per treatment cycle.” Glow says the pool of money “includes users across the Glow platform – not just the staffers at any one company.”

Glow CEO Mike Huang said that users are anonymous. “Employers are notified by Glow regarding how much money they have to contribute each month – but they don’t find out the name of the enrolled staffers,” he says.

The Irvine, CA-based company has reportedly helped “thousands” conceive since 2013 while raising $6 million from investors in the last five months. 


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