Soros Ex-Girlfriend Weeps in Court

Soros Ex-Girlfriend Weeps in Court

Adriana Ferreyr, 30, a South American soap actress who is the ex-girlfriend of billionaire George Soros, 83, wept in court on Tuesday, begging appellate judges to hear her lawsuit charging Soros with breaking his promise to buy her a $1.9 million Upper East Side condominium. Ferreyr sobbed, “I deserve to have my case be heard. I deserve to have a trial. I believe in America. I believe in justice. I deserve to have a life … to defend my reputation.”

Ferreyr also charges Soros with inflicting emotional damage when he slapped her, had security guards “stalk” her and gave the condo to another girlfriend, Tamiko Bolton, who wound up marrying Soros.

A lower court had ruled that Ferreyr’s lawsuit could not be based on the broken promise but could continue over the emotional distress claim. Soros appealed, with his attorney, Gary Stein, saying that Ferreyr exaggerated and mischaracterized what Soros did when the relationship soured in 2010. Stein asserted that Soros did not try to hit her with a lamp but it fell to the floor as they were fighting. He added, “There’s no question that Ms. Ferreyr was really distressed that Mr. Soros did not buy her an apartment.”

When Stein asked the judges whether Soros’s decision to change his mind would be considered outrageous in civilized society, Justice Rosalyn Richter replied, “What about the stalking allegation? Wouldn’t that in a civilized society be considered outrageous?” 

Stein said the reason Soros had security guards outside Ferreyr’s building was because Bolton also was living there, and Ferreyr was a threat. But Ferreyr insisted Bolton was never home.

Justice Richard Andrias was not sympathetic to Ferreyr, saying, “It doesn’t seem nice but… even a billionaire might not be able to buy 10 apartments for all his girlfriends.”

Earlier this month, Ferreyr hit Soros in the head, knocked the glasses off of one of his lawyers, cursed another of his lawyers, and screamed at her own attorney during a private deposition. She allegedly yelled at Soros, “A–h–le! You piece of s–t!”