Ruger CEO Announces North Carolina Expansion

Ruger CEO Announces North Carolina Expansion

On February 26th, Ruger CEO Micheal O. Fifer announced plans to expand the small Ruger North Carolina facility, adding jobs to take “pressure” off Ruger’s “existing workforce in New Hampshire and Arizona.”

According to the New Hampshire Business Review (NHBR), Fifer said, “We may relieve some of the capacity constraints in Newport (N.H.) or Prescott (Ariz.) in moving existing products” to the North Carolina location.

The North Carolina factory currently “has 100 workers focusing on new products.” Fifer would like to see the number of workers increase so that all three factories–New Hampshire, Arizona, and North Carolina–have the same number of workers. Once that happens, Fifer said, “[Ruger] can get enough products in [North Carolina] to take a little of the pressure off the other two plants,” adding, “And we’ll be better for it.” 

Currently, there are approximately 2,400 workers overall in Ruger’s workforce, most of whom are in New Hampshire and Arizona.

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