Obama Budget: 'Improved Background Checks,' Forced Dealer Inspections

Obama Budget: 'Improved Background Checks,' Forced Dealer Inspections

On March 3, President Obama released a fiscal year 2015 budget chock full of gun control measures.

Among the gun control measures were “mental health initiatives,” “methods….strengthening…background checks,” and “inspections of firearms dealers.” 

The forced inspections of firearms dealers is the result of a June 2013 Center for American Progress report that claimed “guns stolen from dealers often end up in criminal hands.” To remedy this, Obama wants dealers to evaluate and report inventories, and to have those inventories inspected at times yet to be determined. (Ironically, gun dealers already conduct inventories to keep their supplies stocked.)

According to TalkNewsRadio.com, the White House said:

[President Obama plans] to protect our children and our communities by reducing gun violence through improved background checks by the FBI and improved date via the National Criminal History Improvement Program inspections of Federally-licensed firearm dealers, improved tracing and ballistics analysis, and efforts to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals. 

His budget also contains funding to train police to respond to “active shooters” and funding for “the Comprehensive School Safety Program.”

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