Steve King: Amnesty Could Permanently Cripple Rule Of Law In U.S.

Steve King: Amnesty Could Permanently Cripple Rule Of Law In U.S.

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland–Rep. Steve King (R-IA) warned an audience here that if Congress grants amnesty again to millions of illegal aliens it will be the end of the rule of law in this nation — forever.

“We cannot sacrifice the rule of law concerning immigration,” he said. “If we do we will not be able to restore the rule of law within the lifetime of this Republic,” King said at a summint being held concurrently with the opening day of the Conservative Political Action Conference.

The one-day conference is sponsored by Breitbart News and EMPact America and is moderated by national security expert Frank Gaffney.

“Our border security is very important,” King said. “And I’ve been down on the border in the middle of the night and heard those trying to cross the border illegally.”

King praised U.S. border patrol agents, saying that they do an excellent job but that in many ways, their hands are tied by their bosses in Washington.

“One border patrol agent said, ‘I like my job, I like catching people that are coming across the border illegally. Then I can just go home and enjoy my family. But those that come down here to ‘change the world’ don’t last long.”

King went on to discuss the wave of drugs that are constantly crossing our borders, revealed he was on hand when a truck filled with hundreds of pounds of marijuana was seized, and was pleased to announce that the case was prosecuted by the U.S. government.

But King said the only reason it was prosecuted is because a congressman was there to witness the bust. Unfortunately, many other such cases never get prosecuted. Criminals, when caught, are often just released.

“I had a border agent tell me that he had a truck load of 2,500 pounds of marijuana and he could not get a prosecution,” King said.

“We have 1.2 million a year in interdictions,” King estimated. The government has estimated that this 1.2 million is only 25 percent of those coming across the border illegally, the Congressman said. But actual boots on the ground border agents say that we really only get 10 percent, not 25 percent.

“So, we have at least 4 million a year sneaking across the border,” King warned.

And many of these people are working the drug trade, the Congressman said. “There is no city in the US where the Mexican cartels don’t control the drug trade.”

But it isn’t just drug traffickers sneaking across the border, King said. There are also dangerous people on watch lists from nations across the world, people suspected of terrorism and other dangerous activities.

“I know of 7 we have interdicted that are international terror suspects. But once these guys are interdicted their cases are classified and even a Congressman can’t find out about them,” King said. “So how many more are there?” he asked.

King warned the Democratic party and wealthy elite are pushing a new amnesty law. 

“People that hire illegals are one of the few who benefit from amnesty, the elitists who hire them for their gated communities. Another is the Democrat Party which will get a large new voting block,” King said. 

King, who followed former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, began with a few remarks on Edward Snowden, who King said has done more damage to the country than anyone in history. Even Revolutionary War traitor Benedict Arnold didn’t hurt this country as badly as Snowden’s security leaks have, King said.

Of Snowden’s self justifications, King said, “Human beings have an infinite capacity to convince themselves that what they are doping it right and just,” but went on to say that Snowden’s damage has been wide spread and worse than the public understands.

As to Snowden’s claims that the U.S. government is routinely violating the citizens’ privacy, King demurred. “I have yet to see anyone (in the US) whose privacy has been willfully violated,” he said.


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