Bobby Jindal: Obama, Holder 'Stand in Schoolhouse Doors,' Deny School Choice

Bobby Jindal: Obama, Holder 'Stand in Schoolhouse Doors,' Deny School Choice

On Thursday, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal told CPAC that he would fight President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder’s assault on the American dream, school choice, and religious liberties.

Jindal said that Obama’s Department of Justice “wants to stand in the schoolhouse doors” to prevent minority and low-income students from going to better schools in Louisiana by opposing the state’s school choice programs. The Obama administration has sued Louisiana over some of its voucher programs.

Jindal said that while most Americans “trust parents to make the best decisions for their kids,” the Obama administration does not “trust the American people to make decisions for ourselves.”

He called the Obama administration “cynical, immoral, and hypocritical” for denying poor minority children the choices they would not deny their own and entrapping them in failing schools. 

“We’re going to fight them every step of the way, even to the United States Supreme Court to defend these children’s rights,” Jindal stated. 

He also said he had to apologize to Jimmy Carter for saying he was the worst president of his lifetime because “President Obama has proven me wrong.” 

He then blasted the Obama administration for infringing on religious liberties and mentioned that religious liberty and freedom created this country, not the other way around. He articulated the importance of ensuring that the left does not silence the Green family who owns Hobby Lobby or the Robertsons on Duck Dynasty because of their religious beliefs. 

Jindal said that the “assumption that Obama is a smart man” must also be revisited, adding that Obama may be proof that there is a difference between being “book smart and street wise.”