Dr. Ben Carson: 'I Will Continue to Defy the PC Police'

Dr. Ben Carson: 'I Will Continue to Defy the PC Police'

At CPAC on Saturday, Dr. Ben Carson said that he will battle the “PC police” and speak his mind about why Obamacare is the worst thing to have happened to the country since slavery. 

He said he “missed what medicine used to be” and emphasized that the most important thing Americans have is “their healthcare.”

“I will continue to defy the PC Police who have tried in many cases to shut me up,” Carson said. He said he did say that Obamacare was like slavery but was blamed for doing so by liberals hellbent on twisting all of his words and taking them out of context. He said slavery was much worse than Obamacare. But Carson said that he said Obamacare was the worst thing since slavery because it is the “most massive shift of power in America that has ever occurred.” 

“We need to put the power back in the hands of the people, and we need to make sure we keep it there,” Carson said.

Carson blasted liberals for taking after Saul Alinsky and trying to “make the majority think that what they think is out of the mainstream.”

“They have been beaten into submission by the PC Police, and people are afraid to speak up for what they believe,” Carson said. “It’s time for people to proclaim what they believe and stop being bullied.”

Carson said that he still believes that “marriage is between a man and a woman” and is not afraid to say that he has succeeded because, “I had a mother who was ‘no excuses’ and because I believe in God.”