Pew Poll: GOP Youth Supports Gay Marriage

Pew Poll: GOP Youth Supports Gay Marriage

The issue of same-sex marriage and gay families marching through American institutions is also marching through the Republican Party, at least among the youngest numbers of Republicans.

A new poll from the Pew Research Center reports that only 39% of Republicans overall support same-sex marriage; however, the youngest generation, the so-called Millennials aged 18-29, support same-sex marriage by 61%.

The Millennials are the only GOP cohort to show majority support for same-sex marriage. Their older siblings in Generation X (30-49) support it by only 43%. Their baby boom parents (50-64) support it by even less at 30%, and their Silent Generation grandparents (65+) show only 22% support for the issue.

All this leaves open the possibility that Republican opposition to same-sex marriage may fade with time.

The Democrats are almost completely united in support for same-sex marriage, with 66% support overall, 77% support among Millennials, 71% support among Gen X, and 66% support among baby boomers. Even their Silent Generation supports it by 62%, higher than GOP support among Millennials.

Taking a look at the issue of gays raising children, 26% of Millennial Republicans say it is a good thing with, 18% going the other way. Among Gen X-ers only 15% say it is a good thing, with 47% saying it is bad, and among Silents only 3% say good while 66% say bad.

Interestingly, only 36% of Democrats overall say gays raising children is a good thing, with Millennials leading the way at 45%.

Social conservatives point out that the number of young people opposed to abortion used to be equally bleak among the young but is now trending their way.


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