Obama Uses 'Mom' Character to Push Young People to Buy Obamacare

Obama Uses 'Mom' Character to Push Young People to Buy Obamacare

President Obama is now scolding young people who have resisted buying into Obamacare, using an ad campaign featuring a mother-like character, with crossed arms and raised eyebrow, who warns the young adults that they better get covered–or else.

The president famously sold Obamacare by saying that people up to 26-years old could stay on their parents’ health insurance policies. To properly fund his pyramid scheme-like plan, Obama needs a lot more young people paying into the system so that the older folks drawing out for coverage can get paid without bankrupting the system. Unfortunately for Obama, few young people–the so-called “young invincibles”–are interested in signing up.

So, here comes “Mom” to scold young Americans into buying Obamacare coverage.

The image debuted on Twitter this month and features a stern mother, eyebrow raised and arms crossed, stating, “Don’t worry about me, I’ll just wait here until you #GetCovered.” It’s signed, “Mom.”

Certainly, the president has had a very hard time selling his healthcare takeover to the youth of America. According to some reports, only 27 percent of enrollees thus far are from that young age bracket that Obama is so desperate to get signed up. This compares unfavorably to the administration’s own goal of the 38 percent needed to prevent the financial collapse of the scheme.

When this meme debuted, Ashe Schow of the Washington Examiner did some scolding of her own, telling Obama, “Your lame attempts to connect with the youth have become condescending.”


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