Chuck Todd: Conditions in Place for GOP to Take Back Senate

Chuck Todd: Conditions in Place for GOP to Take Back Senate

NBC’s political chief Chuck Todd said Obama was so unpopular that conditions are in place for Republicans to take back the Senate in November by picking up six seats.

Todd made his comments after Republican David Jolly won a special election House race Tuesday that was widely viewed as a bellwether for the fall’s midterm elections. Jolly also did so by opposing amnesty in addition to the unpopular Obamacare law. 

“Right now, the ingredients are all there for the Republicans to have the year that they’re looking for, which is win enough Senate seats to get control,” Todd said on MSNBC. “The question is whether the president is gonna stagnate? Can he recover?”

Todd cited an NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll that found 48% of Americans would be less likely to vote for a candidate Obama endorsed while only 26 percent were more likely to. In addition, Obama’s approval ratings hit a record-low of 41% in the poll. 

“Is there anything he can do in the next six months that just moves his approval rating to 45 percent?” Todd asked, adding that that might be the magical number Obama needs in order to save the Senate. “I don’t know how it is because It feels like for him, that it’s kind of baked in for a while.”