Sarah Palin: You Won't Get My Endorsement if You Don't Ask

Sarah Palin: You Won't Get My Endorsement if You Don't Ask

Candidates will not get the most influential endorsement in Republican primaries if they do not ask for it first. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin only considers endorsements upon request.

Heritage Foundation and former South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint said that Sarah Palin’s endorsement had the most impact in GOP primaries, but candidates must want it.

“First off, I don’t endorse anyone who hasn’t first requested an endorsement. I don’t believe in inviting myself to anyone else’s rodeo,” she said in an interview with Newsmax. “I only want to be helpful, so I don’t jump in if I’m not asked to.”

Palin also said she looks for people who are “willing to stand up to the permanent political class in D.C. and not just go along to get along with what is all too often a corrupt status quo bankrupting our country.” Furthermore, candidates must have a “track record that shows that they were willing to be courageous in working to get things done for the people who elected them–whether that be fighting to balance a budget or pushing through fiscal reforms or fighting cronyism and corruption.”

“I look for people who have integrity and a steel spine and who clearly understand the problems facing our nation today,” she said. “Finally, I do adhere to the old wisdom to look for the strongest conservative who can win. I don’t mind backing a long-shot candidate, but they have to be a good candidate who has it together and can run a credible campaign.”

As Breitbart News has been reporting, Palin this week endorsed T.W. Shannon for Senate in Oklahoma, Ben Sasse for Senate in Nebraska, and Chris McDaniel for Senate in Mississippi after promising to roll out endorsements for candidates she believes will go to Washington to fight crony capitalism and the permanent political class.