New Jersey Gun Control Push Drove Up Gun Sales, NRA Memberships

New Jersey Gun Control Push Drove Up Gun Sales, NRA Memberships

As News Jersey lawmakers pushed more gun control in 2013, background checks for gun purchases surged 40 percent, and memberships in the NRA and other gun rights groups grew as well.

Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs Executive Director Scott L. Bach said the spikes in background checks for gun purchasers were “a direct result misguided legislative attacks on legal gun owners instead of criminals and madmen.” 

According to, Bach said the push for gun control drove the increased membership in gun rights groups as well.

In 2008–the year Obama was elected–there were approximately 40,000 background checks performed on firearm purchasers in New Jersey. In 2012, that number jumped to 85,851; in 2013 it skyrocketed to 120,071. 

New Jersey officials are currently considering even more gun control as they weigh lowering legal magazine capacity from 15-rounds to 10-rounds in the Garden State.

Bach said this latest push for gun control will only drive gun purchases and memberships in gun rights groups even higher. 

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