Idaho County Commissioner: 'The Second Amendment Trumps the First'

Idaho County Commissioner: 'The Second Amendment Trumps the First'

On March 17th Bonner County Commissioner Mike Nielsen said, “I think the Second Amendment trumps the First,” as he pushed for broader exemptions from Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests on Idaho concealed carry permit holders.

According to, “Nielsen is circling the state asking county Republican committees to back his lobbying effort that would revise Idaho law to strengthen the existing exemption from [FOIA] requests for pistol permits.”

Nielsen is concerned current law does not sufficiently protect permit holders, and he worries that information on Idaho permit holders could be printed in newspapers the way information on New York gun owners was printed in New York papers last year.

Nielsen said, “That’s what happened in New York. The information was published, and people’s rights were ignored.”

He argued that “some constitutional rights supercede others,” and the rights protected by the Second Amendment supercede those protected by the First.

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