Florida House Adds Warning Shot Allowance to 'Stand Your Ground'

Florida House Adds Warning Shot Allowance to 'Stand Your Ground'

On March 20th the Florida House passed warning shot legislation 93-24.

This would allow citizens under attack to fire a warning shot instead of retreating and instead of shooting the attacker immediately.

According to Bradenton.com, bill sponsor Neil Combee (R-Auburndale) said he pushed this bill for the sake of Marissa Alexander.

According to US News & World Report, Alexander was arrested in August 2010 after firing a warning shot while being attacked by her estranged husband. She was tried and convicted, served 21 months of a 20-year sentence, was freed, and will face retrial on July 28th.

Combee’s bill had broad Republican support, with some support from Democrats as well, although state representative Perry Thurston (D-Fort Lauderdale) sought to amend the bill and use it to “make major changes to ‘stand your ground.'”

The Florida Senate “tentatively” passed a bill similar to Cumbee’s on March 20th. It will come up for a floor vote in the senate on March 26th.

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