Breitbart's Sonnie Johnson Raps for Conservatism at Freedom Center Weekend

Breitbart's Sonnie Johnson Raps for Conservatism at Freedom Center Weekend

On Sunday, speaking at the David Horowitz Freedom Center weekend retreat at the beautiful Terranea Resort in Southern California, Breitbart’s Sonnie Johnson explained to conservatives that hip-hop culture was a natural gateway for conservatism in the black community.

She stated that hip-hop’s well-founded critiques of conditions in the inner cities could pave the way for a political revolution in those cities; she added that older generation black Americans were ignoring current problems in favor of focus on past problems.

“Hip-hop didn’t start until the late 70’s, the early 80’s. By then progressivism had already infiltrated our communities, and we have been going through birth pains in the hip-hop movement since then,” Johnson explained. “We have good kids born in bad cities. And they take what has been given and they turn it into a gift and they put it out as a product and they sell it and they become multi-millionaires. It is a beautiful thing, it is capitalism, it is American, it is the American dream.”

She gave the crowd what she called a “Sonnie-ism”: “This is how I mix conservatism with hip-hop, and this is one of my favorites: Created equal does not mean equal results. Because I can’t flow like Jay-Z, doesn’t make it Jay-Z’s fault.”

She then launched into a rap of her own, telling her personal journey – and brought the crowd to its feet by what she called “changing the game”:

I’m a born sinner, asking the Lord, ‘Why me?’

He said “It ain’t about you, so let it be.”

And when I question my role he didn’t send me a priest,

He sent another born sinner, to sing to me.

Jay Cole wrote me a love song.

Freedom or jail, to purchase a cell,

Madonna in the womb, mama age-old racism is hell,

It was the end before the beginning.

How you gonna change the world curled in all its traps and sinners.

Well as far as that goes, it’s only natural,

I explain my plateau and what defines my name.

Short story, no need to fit it all in,

I live a life of compromise backsliding in sin, it was expected.

See the hue in my skin?

There’s a sickness in my body I don’t want to go and party,

The devil claimed my soul,

I’m no good for nobody,

A girl is out trickin’, my dude is out dyin’,

God bless me wanna see the doctors were denyin’,

And then he called my name, I couldn’t stop cryin’,

But I stood in defiance…

She rapped of her conversion to Christianity and her embrace of religion: 

And this is where the song switches–

Because God says ‘speak.’ 

So I let spoken words flow from me. 

I’m not a rapper so lyrics don’t flow from me 

But I’m a thinker so a thousand thoughts flow from me. 

God says, ‘Speak louder, what do you want from me?’ 

Then he put a Tea Party in front of me. 

She rapped of her mentors – Jay-Z, Breitbart executive chairman Steve Bannon, Martin Luther King, Jr. – and she added:

I’m just a woman of the people,

Not above but equal and for the greater good

Destroyin’ both sides of evil.

So don’t cry for me,

This is a life I just choose myself

Just pray along the way I never lose myself

And for those who say black conservativism is dead

I’ll go to hell and resurrect it

And I will be respected cause hip-hop writes me love songs…

 The crowd roared its approval as she finished.