Kroger Grocery Chain Disarming Its Security Guards

Kroger Grocery Chain Disarming Its Security Guards

The Kroger grocery store chain “is in the process of transitioning to unarmed security guards across the company.”

According to 10TV in Columbus, Ohio, “Kroger said armed guards will remain in some of its locations,” but it is not saying where. 

U.S. Protection Service is the company that provides security for Kroger. The service recently sent a letter to its employees informing them that “effective March 29, its guards will be ‘completely unarmed – no weapons, no handcuffs, no chemical repellant, no baton, etc.'”

The letter adds that the company views the decision as “very disheartening.”

10TV interviewed shoppers in the Columbus area who said they will change their shopping habits now that Kroger’s guards will be unarmed. One such shopper, Lakashia Shavers, said that she would stop shopping at night and that without guns a “security guard might get killed.”

Shopper Dennis Jacocks said he is going to find a safer part of town in which to shop. He said even though Kroger’s guards won’t have guns, “you can believe that the criminals got guns.”

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