Gap Between Super Rich 0.1% and Poor Grows

Gap Between Super Rich 0.1% and Poor Grows

The rich keep getting richer — and the gap between the super rich and poor has widened even more under President Barack Obama.

According to a report from Sadoff Investment Research, the “average household in the top 1% pulled in earnings of $1,264,065 in 2012,” which is “41 times greater than the $30,997 average income of Americans.”

But the top .1% did considerably better than the top 1%, posting “average earnings of $6,373,782, or 206 times the average families’ income.”

According to the report, nearly a quarter of the .1% work in the financial industry, 40% are “executives, managers and supervisors,” and a “vast majority of the 0.1% live in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C. or Houston.”


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