Why Breitbart News Looks Different

Why Breitbart News Looks Different

Are you visiting Breitbart News and wondering just why our website looks so odd?

Here’s the answer: today, Breitbart News has decided to create a visual presentation. This visual presentation is designed to show Americans just what it would mean for those with control of the internet browsers we all use to censor our content the way they now censor those who work for them.

Our website for the next several hours will depict just what Breitbart.com would look if a browser like Firefox decided to block parts from you. Using JavaScript we’ve blacked out random words throughout the website proving that any browser, like Firefox, could show you something other than what the original publisher intended. Technically, web browsers can control what users see, and sites using Javascript can overwrite anything coming from the original authors. Browsers heavily utilize Javascript to create an interactive internet; sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Gmail could be crippled without it.

The point is this: Firefox is now a company that censors. Mozilla decided last week to force the resignation of CEO Brendan Eich after dating company OkCupid blocked all traffic from Mozilla Firefox, stating that Eich was one of their “enemies” for his $1,000 2008 donation to the Proposition 8 campaign for traditional marriage. Eich had never discriminated against a gay person; Mozilla had never discriminated against a gay person. Nonetheless, he had to be shamed and publicly scourged from his position by the totalitarian left – a scourging approved by many in the gay rights movement more focused on power politics than free speech and privacy.

Mozilla’s decision to cave to OkCupid’s pressure represents a neo-McCarthyism that people who love freedom should shun. So over the next several hours, we will be showing you what internet censorship looks like, up close and personal. Because if you think that censorship will stop with Brendan Eich, you’re not looking closely enough.


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