Muncie IN Mayor, Detective Tell Kids Guns are Scary and 'Really Bad'

Muncie IN Mayor, Detective Tell Kids Guns are Scary and 'Really Bad'

On April 1 Muncie, Indiana Mayor Dennis Tyler (D) and police detective Robert Scaife told a group of fourteen elementary school kids that guns were scary and “really bad.”

Muncie police deputy chief Mark Vollmar was also present. 

Tyler brought the group of elementary school kids into his office so the children could “discuss their concerns about gun violence.” 

According to The Star Press, once the kids were seated in a boardroom detective Scaife looked at them and said: “Everyone knows that guns are really bad, right?”

Some of the kids described hearing gunshots in an urban area–where guns should not be fired–and Scaife said they should tell their parents and dial 911. 

Then the conversation turned to legal use and carry of guns when another child described hearing shots “in a wooded area behind her grandma’s house” and others talked of seeing people carrying handguns on their persons as they walked in and out of “the grocery store or the neighborhood park.”

Deputy chief Vollmar responded to this by saying, “Sometimes it’s legitimate to carry a gun,” but he stressed that those who do “must have permits.”

Mayor Tyler then added: “I don’t like it but they can do it. Guns scare me.”

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