22 Kathleen Sebelius Moments from Her Stormy Career at HHS

22 Kathleen Sebelius Moments from Her Stormy Career at HHS

Health and Human Service Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is resigning today after a controversial tenure in the Obama administration. Here are some of the biggest defining moments from her career: 

1. Sept. 2009: Sebelius lectures NBC’s Chuck Todd for sneezing the wrong way 


“I mean what is that about? Jeez, who’s got some Purell? Give that to Mr. Todd right away. We’ll have Elmo give Chuck a special briefing.”
2. February 25, 2012: Sebelius violates the Hatch Act by campaigning for Democrats “in an official capacity.” 

“We make sure that in November he continues to be president for another four years,” she said about President Obama during a speech at a  Human Rights Campaign Gala. 

3. March 2012: When she pointed out that contraception paid for itself by a reduction in pregnancies. 

4. June 2013: Sebelius caught asking health insurance companies to donate money to promote Obamacare

5. June 2013: When the Associated Press found out that she had a secret email address.

 Not sure if KGS2@hhs.gov is still working…

6. August 2013: When Sebelius insisted that the political debate on Obamacare is over

7. August 23, 2013: When she recommended passing immigration reform to boost Obamacare enrollment

8. Sep. 30, 2013: Sebelius trumpets historic legacy a day before the disastrous launch of the Obamacare website.

9. October 7: Jon Stewart destroys Sebelius in a interview 

10. October 18: When she tried to avoid Congressional testimony on Obamacare in front of Congress 

But still had time to go to a gala in Boston  

11. October 23, 2013: When she said that the Obamacare website was only for “tech savvy” Americans 

“We anticipated at the outset that everyone would never use the website.” 

12. October 27: Saturday Night Live destroys Sebelius with a skit mocking the failed website launch. 

13. October 30: When the website crashed during a Congressional Hearing about problems with the website 

14. When she tried to explain that the Obamacare website never really crashed

15. When she muttered, “Don’t do this to me” as a Democratic Congressman began to ask her questions about Obamacare. 

16. When she falsely claimed she couldn’t join Obamacare because of employer coverage

If she really wanted to – she could. 

17. November 2013: When the Obamacare website crashed in front of her during an event in Florida

18. When a Republican lawmaker gave her a “Website for Dummies” book

19. December 2013: Sebelius admits that some people will pay more for their health insurance under Obamacare

20. March 2014: When she had no response after a local reporter tells her that Obamacare is unpopular

“Alright, Secretary Sebelius, thank you so much for being with us this morning. I think we’ve probably lost sound here or something.”

21. March 31: The Week Before Resigning, Kathleen Sebelius Said She Was ‘Absolutely’ Sticking Around

“I’m in.” 

22. April 10, 2014: When the news broke that Secretary of State Kathleen Sebelius would resign