Feds to File New Charges Against Leland Yee

Feds to File New Charges Against Leland Yee

California State Senator Leland Yee, who has been charged with wire fraud and conspiring to import firearms, may be facing new charges from the federal government. 

Although U.S. Attorney Susan Badger said that the government “is anxious to start discovery,” the government stated that there will be additional charges in a superseding indictment. Senior U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer gave the government until July to file the charges.

Without naming names, the government stated, “Of particular note, the government is continuing to pursue its investigation of RICO violations as well as additional substantive criminal violations.”

Breyer dismissed requests from Jackson’s attorney, James Brosnahan, that the defendants should be split up or that the charges be dismissed because the defendants were “not together on any allegation.” Brosnahan stated, “The government has agreed these defendants cannot be tried together. If that’s true, how far can we get on any of the issues if each person is joined with any other defendant?”     

Breyer responded, “That’s not in front of me, and I think I have to deal with what is in front of me at this point, which is the disclosure of information in the government’s case. We all recognize we’re not going to have a trial of 29 defendants.”


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