Details Emerge on Suspect in Kansas Jewish Center Shooting

Details Emerge on Suspect in Kansas Jewish Center Shooting

The suspect in the April 13 Kansas Jewish Center shooting has been named as Fraiser Glenn Cross, Jr., which is “alias for Fraiser Glenn Miller, the former KKK leader,” according to ABC News. 

ABC News reports that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) placed a call to the suspect’s home and after speaking with his wife, “was able to identify Cross as Miller,” who is “reportedly the former Grand Dragon of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.”

Cross allegedly used a shotgun in the commission of his heinous actions, but law enforcement officials are investigating whether he might have had a handgun with him as well. 

Besides killing three people, he shot at and missed two others and officials “are exploring the possibility that a handgun” was involved in the missed shots. 

NBC News reports SPLC findings that show Cross had a “20-year Army career…[with] two tours in Vietnam and 13 years as a member of the elite Green Berets.” He was reportedly forced out of the Green Berets “because of his Klan affiliation in 1979.”

The SPLC said Cross “unsuccessfully ran in the Democrat primary for North Carolina governor in 1984 and then as a Republican for a state senate seat in 1987.” 

He is 73 years old.

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