Firearm Silencer/Suppressor Sales Skyrocket

Firearm Silencer/Suppressor Sales Skyrocket

Sales of firearm silencers/suppressors climbed 37% in 2013 over what they were in 2012.

CNN Money reports that “nearly half a million” silencers/suppressors were sold in 2013, up from 360,000 in 2012 and 285,000 in 2011.

Gun industry analyst Ben Shim said, “People have gone crazy buying guns, but they’re done buying them for the time being, so they’re buying accessories.”

Shim referenced the number of AR-15s that were sold amid the gun control push following the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary. He said, “The AR-15 weapons platform is very modular. It’s a Barbie for men.”

SilencerCo chief finance officer Jason Schauble indicated the spike in purchases means more people are realizing you can legally own a silencer in many states. He said, “Most people just don’t know you can buy [one].”

On April 10th Breitbart News reported on silencers/suppressors, which are legal in nearly 40 states. 

Getting one involves a background check, a wait period, registration of the silencer, and the purchase of a federal stamp (tax) to own the device.

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