North Carolina Proposes Bill to Completely Revoke Common Core

North Carolina Proposes Bill to Completely Revoke Common Core

The North Carolina General Assembly’s Common Core study committee submitted draft bill TLza-24, titled “Replace Common Core To Meet NC’s Needs,” as a first step to repeal the controversial education standards from the state.

The wording for the North Carolina bill revokes Common Core from the state.

“Common Core is gone July 1 if this passes,” said Sen. Jerry Tillman, R-Randolph, one of the measure’s leading proponents.

“It’s going to take a little bit of time,” said Rep. Bryan Holloway, R-Stokes, insisting that existing academic standards would remain in place for the coming school year until the commission makes its recommendations. “We are operating on Common Core standards. We will continue operating on that. The commission is set up to replace that.”

North Carolina blogger A.P. Dillon, who has kept a watchful eye on Common core in the state, listed the opening language. It states North Carolina will replace Common Core with standards approved by the state.

The opening language:

A Bill to be entitled an Act to replace the Common Core by exercising North Carolina’s proper Constitutional authority over all academic standards and to ensure that standards are robust and appropriate, and that they enable students to succeed academically and professionally, as recommended by the legislative research commission study committee on the Common Core State Standards.

The findings of the committee given out at the last meeting today include:

1. Local state boards of education, school administrators, teachers, and instructional personnel should continue to adopt and implement locally adopted curricula for appropriate instruction of each child in each subject area.

2. The SBE and local boards of education shall continue to communicate with parents of public school students and other stakeholder groups to increase the transparency of standard and curricular options, revisions, implementation and evaluation.

3. The SBE continue to review, revise, and refine the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, especially in the areas of mathematics and in English Language Arts, according to current SBE policy.

4. To assist the SBE in implementing Recommendation 3, the NC General Assembly establishes the Academic Standards Review Commission composed of public and legislative members.

5. The SBE and local boards of education shall continue to assess teachers’ needs for professional development and provide adequate and appropriate professional development that will support teachers to help every student in North Carolina’s public schools to achieve the State-determined standard course of study.

Most politicians were in favor of Common Core until they realized it took away the state’s freedom to decide what is best for their state. Republican Craig Horn (Union) was one of the Common Core advocates.

“We’ve allowed the Common Core standard to be hijacked by the federal government for the sake of money,” said Rep. Craig Horn, R-Union.

The General Assembly returns in mid-May and they will address the bill at that time.