Louisiana Activist Files Ethics Complaint About Staged Landrieu Ad

Louisiana Activist Files Ethics Complaint About Staged Landrieu Ad

A Louisiana Republican political activist is filing an ethics complaint against Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) for filming a campaign advertisement in the Louisiana statehouse.

Landrieu made headlines after it was discovered that she re-created and filmed a scene from one of her United States Senate hearings for a political advertisement. The scene was reportedly filmed in a room in the Lousiana statehouse.

In an April 29 letter to the Senate ethics committee, Ursula Marie Anderson says Landrieu may have broken Senate ethics rules by filming in a state-funded building, which could constitute improper contribution to her campaign.

Anderson notes in the letter that Senate Ethics rules allow campaigns to use of property “used on a regular basis by members of a community for noncommercial purposes” without that use counting as a campaign contribution. However, the complaint argues, “there is no indication that the Louisiana State Capitol is regularly used by members of the general public for purposes other than transacting official state business.”

In an email, Anderson said she is a native of Lafayette, Lousiana who recently switched her political affiliation to the Republican party. An African American, Anderson said she decided to become a Republican when she realized the policies of the Democratic party – which she now describes as the “party of enslavement” – have harmed blacks.

On filing the complaint, Anderson said she was angered by Landrieu’s use of a taxpayer-funded resource for political purposes.

Read her ethics complainthere.


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