Smart Gun Mandate Makes Gun Ownership Rich Man's Game

Smart Gun Mandate Makes Gun Ownership Rich Man's Game

With The Washington Post pushing for New Jersey to implement a 2002 smart gun-only mandate based on the Armatix iP1, it is important to point out that such a mandate will effectively turn gun ownership into a rich man’s game.

After all, the .22 caliber Armatix iP1 costs $1,800 a gun. Other .22 pistols–be they Walthers or Rugers–can be purchased brand new for $400 or less. 

But the Walthers and Rugers will be illegal to sell in New Jersey once the law is implemented. For the law states that “no handgun” other than a smart gun “shall be sold or offered for sale by any registered or licensed dealer in the state.”

Right now, an American can walk into a gun dealer and buy a brand new, ultra reliable Glock 19 or 26 in 9mm for between $480 and $530. Like Walthers and Rugers, the Glock line of handguns is one that families of all socioeconomic backgrounds can afford to purchase and use for self-defense. But that all changes when a state mandates that an $1,800 .22 pistol has to be sold in place of the $480 Glock. 

Once that mandate takes place, only the wealthy will able to afford guns, while the poor will be left to hope the locks on their doors are strong enough to keep home invaders out. 

There is nothing smart about pricing guns out of the reach of a single mom, raising two children in the inner city. 

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