Hillary Clinton Slams 'Gilded Age' of 'Robber Barons'

Hillary Clinton Slams 'Gilded Age' of 'Robber Barons'

Hillary Clinton delivered a speech at the New America summit denouncing the current state of the economy where poor Americans were finding it harder to get into the middle class while the wealthy were getting richer.

She explained that the although the economy was experiencing a recovery it wasn’t strong enough to meet the demands of Americans. 

Clinton praised the economic policies of the 1990’s pointing out that under her husband “a rising tide really did lift all boats” helping millions of low income Americans.

She also praised the millennial generation noting that nearly 6 million of young people were unemployed, warning that that they could end up as the “lost generation.”

As Secretary of State, Hillary reminded the audience, she urged the elites of the world to “pay their fair share” as she traveled around the world.

Clinton called for Americans to compromise and work together in a series to solve the country’s problems.

She cited her experience at the Clinton Foundation of learning the value of private/public partnerships to create a “virtuous ripple” throughout the economy