Gun Control Groups Sue for Compliance with 2002 NJ Smart Gun Mandate

Gun Control Groups Sue for Compliance with 2002 NJ Smart Gun Mandate

On May 19 the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and a chapter of Million Mom March sued over what they claim is a lack of compliance with the 2002 New Jersey law mandating smart gun-only sales in the state.

Breitbart News reported this law mandates that three years after a viable smart gun is available for retail sale, only smart guns can be sold in New Jersey. The law states, “No other type of handgun shall be sold or offered for sale by any registered or licensed firearm dealer in this State.” 

According to the AP, the Brady Campaign’s suit claims the state’s attorney general has failed to comply with aspects of this law that require a report to be submitted to “the governor and the Legislature every six months on availability of smart guns.” The suit claims no such reports were filed “at least between 2004 and 2012.”

Brady Campaign’s John Lowy said, “We’re not seeking the court to force the mandate to kick in.” However, he said, the attorney general’s compliance is “particularly important now because there’s evidence that personalized handguns have been available for sale in at least two locations.”

Lowy is referencing the Armatix iP1 smart gun, a .22 caliber pistol that costs $1,800 and will not fire unless in close proximity to a watch the shooter wears on his or her wrist. Plans to sell this gun were announced then rescinded at California’s Oak Tree Club and Maryland’s Engage Armament earlier this year.

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