Pro-Enforcement Advocate D.A. King Endorses Karen Handel: Amnesty Coalition 'Would Get Nowhere'

Pro-Enforcement Advocate D.A. King Endorses Karen Handel: Amnesty Coalition 'Would Get Nowhere'

One of the leading pro-enforcement advocates in Georgia endorsed former Georgia Secretary of State and GOP Senate candidate Karen Handel on Monday as the best hope to stop the massive amnesty agenda in Congress, which is supported by liberal Democrats and Republicans backed by groups like the Chamber of Commerce. 

D.A. King joined conservatives like former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who also said that the “good old boys” in the Washington and Georgia establishments fear Handel because she will not be a rubber stamp for them, in backing Handel’s candidacy. 

“Karen Handel won my vote because of her very real stubbornness and down-to-earth personality,” King told Breitbart News a day before the GOP primary. “I have known Karen for years and worked with her in the state Capitol. The Chamber-financed amnesty coalition would get nowhere with Karen Handel.”

King also noted that moderate businessman David Perdue, who has a slight lead, “is rather fuzzy on his commitment to a pro-enforcement solution to the massive immigration crisis.” If no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote on Tuesday, the top two will head to a runoff in July. Handel, who has surged since former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed her, is in a fight for second place with Rep. Jack Kingston, who is backed by the Chamber of Commerce that vowed to wage war against conservatives. The Chamber of Commerce has helped Kingston blanket Georgia’s airwaves with commercials.

Georgia’s Senate seat may be of utmost importance because amnesty advocates have vowed to push for amnesty legislation in the next Congress if Congress does not pass such legislation this year.

King (@DAKDIS), as Breitbart News noted, “left his small business to advocate against open borders and for enforcement more than a decade ago and now runs The Dustin Inman Society, a site about American sovereignty that is named after an American who was killed by an illegal immigrant. 

Handel has also been endorsed by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, and King mentioned that Georgia actually has mor of a problem with illegal immigrants than even Arizona.

“I was taught that we have an American culture to which immigrants will assimilate. And I am incredibly resentful that’s not what’s happening anymore,” he told the New York Times in a profile piece he described as relatively fair. “The tribalists will not make any difference with any Republican who has enough sense to get on an airplane every Monday and fly to Washington.”

King’s billboards have influenced Georgia’s Republican senators to vote against the Senate’s amnesty bill, and he earlier told Breitbart News that if he were dirt poor in a third-world country, he “would be doing everything to get here as well.” He acknowledged, though, “that Americans cannot accept everyone, and comprehensive immigration reform programs only hurts American workers, which include ‘real legal immigrants.'”

Appearing on Breitbart News Sunday, Handel vouched for her conservatism and said that Democrats would not be able to use the “war on women” and “income inequality” cards against her in a potential general election battle against Michelle Nunn.


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