36-Year-Old Accused of Smashing 21-Year-Old Woman's Eye Socket in 'Knockout' Attack

36-Year-Old Accused of Smashing 21-Year-Old Woman's Eye Socket in 'Knockout' Attack

A 21-year-old woman had her eye socket shattered and her nose broken by an alleged “knockout game” perpetrator in a Manhattan train station on Sunday. 

The so-called game has been played across America’s cities, primarily by African-American teens, who throw sneak-attack punches on unsuspecting victims, resulting in severe injuries and in some cases death.

The New York Post reported that fare-beater Ibrahim King, 36, was charged with assault just before 4 a.m. at the PATH 9th Street Station for allegedly slugging Elizabeth Meja. The woman’s friend, Steve Sala, who witnessed the alleged attack, said, “He looks at her for a very short moment and then he pulls his right fist back and lunges across the railing and punches her in the face.” King tried to flee, but Sala chased him down and applied a choke hold on him. In the scuffle, Sala extracted one of King’s dreadlocks from his scalp.

“I asked him repeatedly if he thought it was funny and asked him if he was sorry,” remarked the 21-year-old Sala. “He finally apologized, but not right away.” According to the Post, although King was able to escape from the scene of the alleged crime, he was tracked down by Port Authority detectives and arrested.

Elizabeth Meja was brought to Bellevue Hospital, where she was treated for severe facial injuries. At this point there is no report on her progress. 


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