Marine With CCW Foils Robbery, Kills One Of Two Suspects

Marine With CCW Foils Robbery, Kills One Of Two Suspects

On May 29 a retired Marine eating lunch at a Houston, TX, strip mall reacted to a robbery in progress by retrieving his concealed carry (CCW) handgun, killing one of the suspected robbers, and sending the second one fleeing. 

According to the Houston Chronicle, the 28-year-old Marine veteran saw two suspects put bandannas over their faces before going into a Game Stop. “Minutes later, one [of the robbers] ran out carrying several video game systems in his arms.” 

The former Marine went to his pick-up truck, “retrieved a semi-automatic pistol, and told a bystander to call 911.”

The two suspects then left the store together, and one of them pointed a pistol at the former Marine. At that point the Marine opened fire and a gunfight ensued. The robber holding the gun was able to get inside his Toyota Corolla, “where he died.”

“The second suspect just threw everything down and ran,” but was captured at a fast food restaurant down the street.

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