Hero's Welcome Planned for Bergdahl in Idaho

Hero's Welcome Planned for Bergdahl in Idaho

Despite the continuous stream of information surfacing about Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s state of mind when leaving his platoon in Afghanistan in 2009, supporters of Bergdahl are still planning to hold a welcome home celebration for the young soldier, whom the administration exchanged for five top Taliban leaders on May 31.

Former platoon members have stepped forward and accused Bergdahl of being a “deserter.” The New York Times is now reporting Bergdahl left a note explaining his desertion prior to abandoning his post. Additionally, others have charged that the mission to rescue him cost the lives of other U.S. military servicemen.

However, the website once dedicated to bringing awareness about Bergdahl’s plight and now dubbed “Bowe is Back 2014,” has made no indication that the celebration to welcome Bergdahl home as a hero in late June is off.

According to the Bowe is Back website, last year’s event honoring Bergdahl attracted 2500 attendees and raised money for Bergdahl and his family.

“We are attempting to raise funds for the Bergdahls for travel expenses this year. In order to get the message about Bowe out across the Nation and the World, they need to be able to get to the events and gatherings that are being held to raise awareness for their son. An account has been set-up in Hailey, Idaho at US Bank. This account is a BENEFIT account for the use of the Bergdahls only,” say remarks on the site.

Funding for the event not only includes local sponsors but also Coca Cola. Grammy award winning folk singer Carole King and musician Travis Hardy are expected to perform at the occasion. Appearances by Miss Idaho Sarah Downs as well as Idaho State Senator Michelle Sennett are also part of the lineup.

A parade of 1500 motorcyclists from local clubs as well as from out of state have plans to ride through Hailey to honor Bergdahl. Breitbart News sent an inquiry to one of the organizers of Bowe is Back and is awaiting a response.


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