Senators: Bergdahl Promotion Should Wait Until Disappearance Questions Answered

Senators: Bergdahl Promotion Should Wait Until Disappearance Questions Answered

Senators on Capitol Hill agreed that although Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is reportedly scheduled for another promotion, questions need to be answered about his disappearance.

“Obviously, we all think there should be an investigation when he returns, and that’s what the Pentagon has said is going to take place,” Sen. McCain answered when Breitbart News asked him about the reported promotion.

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) expressed a similar view. “We shouldn’t be making determinations about either a promotion, or discipline, or the status of his discharge. We shouldn’t be doing any of that until a full investigation is done around the circumstances of his departure from his unit,” Kaine told Brietbart News.

Berghdal had been promoted twice in captivity, and according to a CNN report, he was scheduled for another promotion this month.

Sen. Rand Paul chuckled when he was asked if Bergdahl deserved a promotion. “No,” he then said shortly.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-VA) explained that he hadn’t heard the reports of a potential promotion, but he said that more facts needed to be revealed. “Let’s wait until we see the facts. That’s the most important thing,” he stated.

Manchin said that although he had reservations about President Obama’s deal with the Taliban, he would wait until he received more details. “It doesn’t look good. It doesn’t sound good. It doesn’t smell good,” he admitted. “But in all due respect, you have to wait until you see the facts, and we won’t do that until a security meeting tomorrow,” he added.