Hillary Claims She Differed with Obama on Middle East

Hillary Claims She Differed with Obama on Middle East

Hillary Clinton is trying desperately to create some distance between herself and Barack Obama’s disastrous foreign policy record with regard to the Middle East. Clinton is attempting to woo Jewish voters by asserting that unlike Obama, she thinks that when the Obama administration pushed for a freeze on the building of new Israeli homes in settlements, it was a mistake.

Really. She supports the settlements?

Here’s Hillary Clinton in December, 2010, at the Brookings Institution:

We do not accept the legitimacy of continued settlement activity. We believe their continued expansion is corrosive not only to peace efforts and two-state solution, but to Israel’s future itself.

Here’s Hillary Clinton in February, 2011:

I think it is absolutely clear to say, number one, that it’s been American policy for many years that settlements were illegitimate …

No matter. Clinton says in her new book, Hard Choices, that when the Obama administration pushed for the freeze, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas became more intransigent, and so when the 10-month construction freeze expired, talks between the Palestinians and Israelis collapsed.

Lest we forget, it is important to remember that Hillary’s husband Bill offered 92% of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) to the Palestinians in 2000, so any sentiment that the Clintons are pro-Israel is a joke.

Hillary also brags that she wanted a smooth transition for Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak out of power by transferring power to his successor but Obama overruled her and paved the way for the Muslim Brotherhood and the ensuing mess it created.

Yet Clinton’s long-time aide and underling Huma Abedin’s mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, advocated sharia law, and was a member of the Muslim Sisterhood; Abedin’s brother, Hassan Abedin, also has had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.