Laura Ingraham: Cantor Loss 'Massive Wake-Up Call' for GOP on Amnesty

Laura Ingraham: Cantor Loss 'Massive Wake-Up Call' for GOP on Amnesty

Hailing Dave Brat’s shocking victory over House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) as an “amazing moment for the people,” conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham said Cantor’s defeat is a wake-up call for Republicans on amnesty.

Appearing on Fox News, Ingraham, who has used her national radio platform to fight for American workers of all backgrounds and ethnicities against amnesty and who campaigned for Brat last week, said Cantor’s loss is a “massive wake-up call for the Republican Party – if they choose to actually wake up at this point.”

She said if Republicans do not wake up and instead continue to move forward with “immigration reform,” which is “a pathway to some type of amnesty at some point,” Republican leaders will “put a wedge down the middle of the Republican Party that will prevent Republicans from winning” in 2016, which is “exactly the opposite” of what the GOP leadership is contending.

Emphasizing that Cantor’s loss cannot “be discounted” and is an “an absolute repudiation of establishment politics,” Ingraham mentioned that Brat was outspent 22-1. She said Brat did not have a lot of money, but he had a lot of heart, compassion, and ideas.

So did regular voters who backed him. Ingraham met nearly 700 of them last week when she campaigned for Brat, and she said those who attended the event were from all backgrounds and “could have been doing just about anything else that night.” Brat told Breitbart News Sunday that some of those who attended even parked in Cantor’s cul-de-sac.

Ingraham said they were there to see Brat because voters are tired of seeing a flat-lining middle class while Mark Zuckerberg and the “uber rich” continue to do well while pushing for amnesty programs that make it tougher for American workers to improve their lives.

Ingraham said Cantor’s loss represents an opportunity for Republicans to build a coalition of working Americans that includes Black Americans, Asian Americans, and Latino Americans who “want to see rising wages” so legal immigrants and American citizens can have better lives.

“They were just really tired of the representation that they have been getting,” Ingraham said of voters she met last week in Cantor’s district. “They are tired of business as usual in Washington.”

As for the claim that Brat did not have the “experience” that Cantor had in a nation in which Congress’s approval ratings are at historic lows, Ingraham simply asked, “What have the experienced people done for us lately?”


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