3-Year-Old Forced to Urinate on Plane in Her Own Seat

3-Year-Old Forced to Urinate on Plane in Her Own Seat

A woman traveling on JetBlue from New York to Boston last Monday had to watch as her 3-year-old daughter urinated in her seat because a flight attendant would not permit the mother to take her child to the bathroom. Jennifer Devereaux’s daughter Summers was prevented from getting up because the plane was delayed on the tarmac for half an hour.  

Devereaux recounted that after the roughly 30-minute delay, Summers started crying, saying she needed to go to the bathroom, but when Devereaux asked the flight attendant for permission to get up, the attendant refused. Devereaux said, “She snapped at me, ‘No sit down,'” which led Summers to urinate where she sat. She added that when she got up to clean the seat, the attendant yelled at her to sit down.

Devereaux stated, “It wasn’t about bad customer service at that point, it was about bad human decency. My daughter was sitting in a pool of urine and I couldn’t do anything about it. And as a mom it just broke my heart …  And I said, ‘please give me a break. My daughter had an accident because you wouldn’t let me take her to the bathroom. After I clean it up I will sit down.’ She turned around and reported it to the pilot.” Jennifer said.

The pilot turned the plane back toward the gate, the reported over the speakers that the plane held a non-compliant passenger who would be taken to security. Devereaux said she became frightened, but an off-duty pilot two seats in front of her convinced the crew to let her remain on the plane. Devereaux said, “I am so thankful for him and other passengers sticking up for my family’s defense.”

Devereaux wrote to JetBlue about what happened, and commented, “I want an apology and I don’t want them to do this to any other family. I want this behavior to be stopped.”

Jet Blue apologized on Saturday, calling Devereaux and offering her a $50 credit and $5000 to any charity she chose. According to Devereaux, The company’s representative told her, “I am a mom too. I understand what you’re going through and I am so sorry this happened to you.” Devereaux concluded, “It just felt so good to hear those words from someone from that company … I am so happy this all turned around for the good.”

JetBlue also indicated its employees will undergo sensitivity training.