Ex-Beverly Hills Mayor Blasts Amnesty 'Word Games'

Ex-Beverly Hills Mayor Blasts Amnesty 'Word Games'

Despite having led one of the wealthiest cities in America, former Beverly Hills Mayor John Mirisch blasted pro-amnesty advocates who compare the act of illegally entering the United States to violating the speed limit.

In a Monday op-ed, Mirisch, who now sits on the City Council, recalled attending an “Immigration Reform” panel at the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ annual Washington, D.C., meeting in March where he encountered the following sentence: “We believe that it is vital for any immigration legislation to enable people to come out of the shadows and fully pursue the American Dream for themselves and their families.”

“‘Immigration reform’ itself is often a code word for amnesty. In an attempt to redefine illegal immigration as something it is not, the term ‘illegal immigrant’ has been stricken from the stylebooks of news agencies and newspapers,” he wrote. “Would, perhaps, ‘immigration fraudster’ be a more apt description?”

He then said that “despite these nonsensical attempts to redefine words in the English language by the likes of Marco Rubio, in my book, providing a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants is amnesty – or even more than amnesty.”

He then said that pro-amnesty advocates who compare illegally entering the United States to speeding are misguided and said a “more apt vehicular analogy would be the individual who gets a speeding ticket but who doesn’t have a driver’s license.”

“Even if they paid a fine and attended traffic school, we wouldn’t give them a license unless they went through the same process as everyone else who wants a license,” he wrote. “And as anyone who’s ever been to the DMV knows, they’d have to go to the back of the line.”

Mirisch concluded by saying his “opposition to amnesty is mainly based on fairness and the potential to set a precedent.”

“Any and every policy that results in the legalization of illegal immigrants – short of sending them back to their home countries to wait at the back of the legit immigration line – is unfair to those would-be immigrants who are playing by our rules,” he wrote.


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