Inventor Of Kevlar Dies At 90

Inventor Of Kevlar Dies At 90

On June 18, Stephanie Klowlek–the inventer of Kevlar–died.

Klowlek invented Kevlar in 1965 and it has been used in bullet-proof vests, helmets, tires, “airplanes and armored military vehicles,” and more. 

According to the Associated Press, Klowek developed Kevlar when she “found a solvent that was able to dissolve long-chain polymers into a substance that was much thinner and more watery than other polymer solutions. She [then] persuaded a colleague to put the solution into a  spinneret, which turns liquid polymers into fibers.”

Klowek said the resulting fibers were “unlike anything [Dupont] had made before.”

The fibers “were several times stronger by weight than steel.” 

In 1987 Dupont partnered with the International Association of Chiefs of Police to form the “Survivors Club,” which honors officers “who have been saved from death or serious injury by wearing body armor.” The club “has honored over 3100 officers…to date.”

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