35 Times Obama Was Interested in a Photo Op

35 Times Obama Was Interested in a Photo Op

President Obama dismissed the idea of visiting the border on Wednesday, explaining that he wasn’t interested in photo ops while trying to solve a problem.

“This is not theater. This is a problem,” he said. “I’m not interested in photo ops. I’m interested in solving a problem.”

But throughout his political career, Obama has frequently participated in photo friendly events.

Here are 35 of our favorites:

1. Shooting pool with Colorado Governor Jon Hickenlooper

2. Speaking in front of a barn in the Midwest

3. Hanging with Jay-Z and Beyonce

4. Chilling with Brad Paisley on Air Force One

5. Striking a baseball pose at the White House

6. Sliding over a counter at the Shake Shack for a photo with employees

7. Walking through a Wal-Mart

8. Holding a baseball bat in the Oval Office while talking on the phone

9. Holding a presser with George Clooney

10. Giving a medal to George Lucas

11. Looking at Bob Dylan

12. Taking a selfie with a sailor

13. Hanging out with Sandra Fluke

14. Hitting a bell at the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon

15. Throwing a football at Soldiers Field

16. Sitting in a seat made famous by Rosa Parks

17. Eating hoagies with Congress

18. Painting a book shelf

19. Making fun of a sleeping kid

20. Posing with a football

21. Posing with Katy Perry and her grandma

22. Heading a soccer ball with the LA Galaxy

23. Posing with Star Trek actress Nichelle Nichols

24. Shooting hoops

25. Drinking Bud Light

26. Reflecting with Bono

27. Eating hot dogs with Prime Minister David Cameron

28. Throwing footballs with Chris Christie

29. Posing with a bear Chris Christie won for him

30. Hanging out with Bruce Springsteen

31. Drinking Guinness

32. Striking the Heisman Pose

33. Reading Where the Wild Things Are

34. Posing with Superman

35. Say Cheese!


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