Laura Ingraham: Pro-Amnesty Republicans 'Not Off the Hook' on Border Crisis

Laura Ingraham: Pro-Amnesty Republicans 'Not Off the Hook' on Border Crisis

Conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham said that pro-amnesty Republicans like Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) who voted for the Senate’s amnesty bill are also to blame for the current border crisis. 

On Fox News Sunday, Ingraham said the message from many pro-amnesty Republicans has been, “you will be able to stay here.” 

“Republicans are not off the hook,” she said. “If John Boehner had taken this comprehensive reform off the table early on, I don’t think he probably would have had as many unaccompanied minors coming here now.”

Ingraham emphasized that the “the general sense of that is deportation won’t happen even if Republicans are in charge” and the illegal immigrant children will “be able to stay here, go to public schools, get Obamacare.”

And on Monday, Ingraham, who was instrumental in powering Dave Brat to his shocking upset over House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), announced that she was “all in for Joe Carr” against Alexander in next month’s primary. Carr has closed the gap and trails Alexander by just seven points in a recent poll conducted by a pro-Carr group.

“I’m all in for Joe Carr,” Ingraham said on her show. “I think… he’s no nonsense, a citizen legislator he’ll be and he’ll be someone who will actually listen to the people. Politicians at some point do have to listen to the concerns of the people, not just the concerns of one or two, big, fat, interest groups like either LaRaza or the Chamber of Commerce. The people still count, don’t they Lamar?”

Carr said Ingraham’s endorsement could be a “game-changing moment in the campaign” based on Ingraham’s track record. 

“Laura Ingraham was one of the very first national voices who felt that our campaign against Lamar Alexander’s brazen support of amnesty was credible and viable,” he said in a statement. “After seeing the significant impact Laura had on the Dave Brat-Eric Cantor race, we believe this can be a game-changing moment in this campaign.”

Ingraham blasted Alexander for voting for the Senate’s amnesty bill even after he was warned by law enforcement officials that the bill would exacerbate the border crisis by enticing more illegal immigrants from Central America.

Ingraham compared Alexander to Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS), saying Alexander “has big money support behind him… just like we had with Thad Cochran, another septuagenarian, who wanted your vote.”

“So old Thad got the big money to come in and Old Plaid,” she continued. “Thad and Plaid. Thad and Plaid, the amnesty twins.” 

Ingraham reiterated that Carr was “terrific on immigration” and was “way ahead of the curve on the effect that [unbridled mass immigration would have] on our infrastructure, our public schools, and STEM worker falsehoods.” 

On Fox News Sunday, Ingraham said, “Government has to do better by us. We have a lot of unemployment. We have a lot of concerns, the American people; let’s renew the homeland.”

“Let’s rejuvenate the homeland,” she said. “We can deal with all these other issues, but we have to get Americans back to work. People are very, very concerned. I think it hurts the Republicans, hurts Obama, but the Republicans are not in the clear here. Their ratings are also bad.”


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