Breitbart's Israel War Correspondent: 'Goal of Hamas Is Global Caliphate'

Breitbart's Israel War Correspondent: 'Goal of Hamas Is Global Caliphate'

Breitbart’s war correspondent in Israel, Tera Dahl, disagrees with the Obama administration and the mainstream media’s view that the current battle between Israel and Hamas is a fight between two equal states.

“There is a big difference,” she asserts. “Israel is fighting for the protection of its people and its country.” According to Dahl, who is embedded with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), “Hamas is not fighting for the protection of the Palestinian people; they are fighting for the destruction of Israel and for the advance of the global caliphate.”

Dahl’s assessment has been borne out by a number of stories reported by Breitbart News that recounted incidents in which Hamas has used women and children as human shields to protect their missile and weapons storage areas. Obviously, protecting their loved ones isn’t their number one concern. Dahl contends that Hamas’s goal is not to develop a two state solution, but rather one big Islamic state known as the Caliphate.

Appearing on Breitbart News Saturday with co-hosts Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon and Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow, Bannon asked the war reporter, “Why has the mainstream media, all these smart people, why have they not connected the dots that Hamas is really fighting for the same thing that ISIS is–that these groups are now fighting for a new caliphate that is diametrically opposed to the Judeo-Christian West?”

Tera asserted that the writing on the wall should be becoming clearer, and we are starting to see what the goal of these terrorist groups is, now that ISIS has declared a formal Islamic state. Dahl explained that “There is no difference between Hamas and Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda, and the Boko Haram; all are dedicated to the creation of a global Islamic Caliphate.”

Dahl told Bannon and Marlow that she spent ample time in Iraq to witness the expulsion and persecution of Christians there. Notably, she spoke to some of the refugees who came from Mosul. They recounted stories to her about how ISIS members would steal anything, take their money, take their clothes, their cars, and they would be forced to walk miles to get to camps and places of refuge. “If they did not leave they were killed,” she lamented. “The international community really needs to get involved.”

Dahl’s reporting prompted Breitbart’s Executive News Chairman to express his disgust at how the persecution of Christians in Iraq has been ignored by the Christians in America. He asserted that “What Tera Dahl is showing is that in the cradle of Christianity there is genocide and a holocaust against Christians in the Middle East. And the Churches in the West are silent. It is a crime. They should be ashamed of themselves. Every Sunday in every pulpit at a Catholic Church and an evangelical church and a protestant church this should be the foremost thing on the top of the agenda.”

Bannon suggests that the churches are, instead, inadvertently contributing to the destruction of American sovereignty on our southern border by creating a welcoming atmosphere for illegal immigrants. He added, “Here we have brave reporters like Tera who are reporting on the brutal genocide of the Christian Church in the Middle East… and there is silence. No Christian hierarchy in this country give a damn about it. They are going to have to answer to it when they meet their makers. It is outrageous.”


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