Scott Brown First Senate Candidate to Address Border Crisis in TV Ad

Scott Brown First Senate Candidate to Address Border Crisis in TV Ad

On Monday, Republican New Hampshire Senate candidate Scott Brown became the first Senate candidate to use the border crisis in a television commercial.

Days after residents from working-class localities across neighboring Massachusetts protested illegal immigrants being dumped in their communities, Brown, who used to represent Massachusetts in the Senate, highlights how illegal immigrants often are not subjected to the same rules as Americans in the statewide television ad. 

“Americans go through security before they go on a plane, enter a government building, or attend a ballgame,” Brown says. “But folks who come here illegally, they just walk across the border. That’s wrong.”

Brown blasts Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and President Barack Obama for exacerbating the crisis by pushing comprehensive amnesty legislation. The number of illegal immigrants who have been apprehended at the border has spiked since President Barack Obama enacted his temporary amnesty program for certain DREAMers in 2012. 

“Thanks to the pro-amnesty policies of President Obama and Senator Shaheen, we have an immigration crisis on our hands,” Brown continues. “We respond with compassion, but it is time for us to secure the border once and for all. And tell people who try to come here illegally that we intend to enforce the law.”

As NHJournal noted, Brown’s campaign emphasized that he “voted against the DREAM Act and other forms of amnesty” while in the Senate and has “taken a strong stand for secure borders and against illegal immigration” throughout his career in public service. For instance, Brown “opposed in-state tuition and drivers licenses for people who are here illegally and supports a border fence.” 

In 2010, Brown won a special election to the Senate to succeed the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) by framing himself as a working-class candidate from Wrentham who drove a truck. He lost his seat in 2012 to Democrat Elizabeth Warren, but Brown fared considerably better than Mitt Romney did against Obama in the state.