Bloomberg Commercial Backfires, Encourages Women to Buy Guns

Bloomberg Commercial Backfires, Encourages Women to Buy Guns

Although the latest Everytown for Gun Safety ad was intended to encourage viewers to ask senators to support gun control, many are speculating that it could very well cause more women to go to the gun store.

According to The New American, the ad simply “backfires” and “has gone viral… [but] for all the wrong reasons.”

They cite MyFox News as pointing out that “any reasonably sane individual with his wits about him would see [the commercial] as an invitation for the woman at risk to own a gun to protect herself.”

On July 29 Breitbart News reported that three out of four panelists on ABC’s The View concurred that the commercial made the case for women being armed. Jenny McCarthy, Juliet Huddy, and Sherri Shepherd all reacted to the commercial by citing scenarios in which a woman with a gun could protect her own life and the life of her children.

In fact, Shepherd said, “So when you’re standing there and you don’t know how to protect your child? Get a gun!”

That is definitely not the reaction Michael Bloomberg and Everytown for Gun Safety was looking for.

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