Tea Party Milton Wolf Edges Closer to Establishment Pat Roberts in Kansas Primary

Tea Party Milton Wolf Edges Closer to Establishment Pat Roberts in Kansas Primary

A highly energized Dr. Milton Wolf told Breitbart’s Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon that he and his campaign are “having a ball here in Kansas, and it looks like we have a senate race on our hands.”

According to the Senate Conservative Fund, poll numbers now show Wolf only trailing by nine points to Republican Senator Pat Roberts in the Kansas Republican primary race that will be decided on Tuesday. The race has closed steadily since January, when Wolf was down as much as 54 points. By March, he was down 26 points and has made headway every month since. The continuous and rapid closing of the race seems reminiscent of what happened in Virginia, where Dave Brat defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

On Breitbart News Sunday Sirius XM Patriot Radio channel 125, Bannon characterized Wolf, along with Joe Carr in Tennessee, as “one of the two leading voices of the anti-establishment grass roots candidates that are going against tired establishment RINOs that are currently in the Senate.”

A new political video ad released by Wolf’s campaign effectively points out that Roberts, who has now been in congress for 47 years, promised to defend his record in a debate with Wolf but ultimately decided not to keep his word. The ad cleverly plays recordings of Roberts saying he wants to debate juxtaposed with a recurring sound track of him saying “No, no, no, this is not the time” to debate. Wolf told listeners of Breitbart News Sunday that he thinks that Roberts doesn’t want to debate because he can’t explain why he should be re-elected. “We have yet to hear him name one accomplishment, an achievement, that’s worthy of being re-elected.”

The video also points out that Roberts voted twice for HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and voted to raise the debt ceiling eleven times. Perhaps the hardest hit unleashed in the commercial is that “Roberts either can’t defend his record or he is so arrogant that he doesn’t respect Kansas voters.”

Dr. Wolf, who completed his residency at University of Missouri at Kansas City and trained at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, explained to Bannon that there is “something we have got to do about establishment Washington and Republican establishment Washington. And Pat Roberts has been in Washington for 47 years.”

Wolf charges that Roberts is part of the problem in Washington and holds him as responsible as anyone for America being stuck with an $18 trillion debt. “We need people in Washington who will offer positive conservative solutions, rather than someone to go along to get along with Democrats,” Wolf said passionately.

On the border crisis, Wolf explained that “I think we have gone beyond just having an immigration crisis; I believe we have an invasion crisis. The first duty of government is to protect your citizens, and to protect your citizens you must protect your border. We must do that in America. We must protect our southern border. Let’s build a fence. Let’s build it today.”

Wolf contends that leaders shouldn’t apologize for building a fence to protect America and believes that it is their “sworn duty” to protect. Right now, according to Dr. Wolf, “We have a lawless president who has done nothing to solve our problems at the border. He wants this illegal immigration. He looks at this as a recruitment tool for future Democrat votes. We as Republicans better wise up, because he’s trying to drive our party to extinction.”

Chairman Bannon asked Wolf to respond to allegations that Senator Roberts may not even live in Kansas, and that he actually resides in Virgina. Dr Wolfe said Roberts was stumped by an interviewer on the radio last month when he asked him where Roberts lived. Roberts apparently couldn’t answer the question. “The truth is he lives in a home he purchased in Alexandria Virginia in 1975, and he declares this in his personal disclosure forms as his primary residence,” Wolf asserted.


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